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Why Encore

Fashion can be exciting, daring, and a complete whirlwind where just as quickly as something comes into trend, it can go out. And because of this, fashion is one of the major contributors to textile waste.

Here at Encore Bag we resolve to be part of the solution. It is this connected consciousness that inspires our purpose. We refurbish and redesign existing styles with thoughtful combinations and intricate detailing to give a new life… an Encore performance so to say.

Whether a bold statement, or soft and playful, each piece in our collection has a unique identity. It doesn’t matter if it originated from a luxury designer or an unknown brand, we use our creativity to accent features, add functionality, and completely invent new styles.

In some instances, we may be inclined to evoke a sense of nostalgia and pay homage to heritage characteristics while in others we may defy this convention and modernize with a competing force. It’s this balance that brings together a full story; a vivacious tale of salvation, renewal and conviction.

Welcome to Encore: Mindfully Made New.