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Mindfully Made New

Our Re-Design process actualizes the full potential of a pre-worn handbag. It starts with a spark of inspiration – perhaps an interesting clasp, a unique material or vintage pattern, or the perfect sized body. From there, the imagination runs wild resulting in the one-of-a-kind items in the collection.

We stand behind the statement “Mindfully Made New” because each piece is an opportunity for salvation and innovation. Items are refurbished and repaired to be sure they’re high quality with consideration for future longevity. Creativity allows us to build functional solutions by adjusting pockets or adding straps. Dedicated to the sense of renewal, the Encore Signature Bag on Bag styling fuses two connected items into one and often has multi-wear, multi-use capabilities. Unique juxtapositions through combinations of opposing time periods or competing branded patterns are found throughout an array of pieces and yet, come together and create a sense of togetherness for each new bag.

Once our design concepts are finalized, each bag is brought to life by local artisans. We rely on their expertise and years of experience to create quality that we can rely on and handcraft our dreams into reality.