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Lisa Kim

The heart of Encore Bag is deeply connected to the soul of its founder, Lisa Kim. The notion of mindfully connecting two, sometimes very contradictory, products to make something new and universal is much like her background – born in Seoul, Korea and living in America. This cultural clash gives her a unique perspective and the appreciation to embrace opposing views.

While growing up in a traditional family, Lisa grew a love for clothing and coupled with her childhood in Connecticut making hand crafted items, it’s no wonder she saw her future in the creative field. She attended Parsons New School of Design and then went on to build her career in fashion accessories, ultimately climbing the corporate ladder at one America’s most prestigious leatherwear companies and calling NYC home for over 20 years.

And while her skills were refined by working with some of the best in her craft, she always felt that something needed to be done differently. There was so much product being pushed into the market every year just for the sake of sales and the waste was building up. The concept of fashion was becoming unsustainable and irresponsible. Many items were disregarded by customers after only a season or two because they were no longer in style or had signs of wear. Lisa was determined to break this vicious cycle and found an opportunity to make new from the existing.

You’ll see Lisa’s keen eye for detail and stamp of self-expression through playful combinations of color, shape, and material – making each Encore Bag unique, just like her, and the people who will adorn them.